R+T 2024 Fair: A Resounding Success For Luxury Screens

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We attended the R+T 2024 Fair in Germany to explore the latest trends in “outdoor living”. We strive to give you the best!

The international fair specializing in Blinds, Doors, Gates, and Solar Protection Systems was in Stuttgart, Germany, from February 19 to 23. And, of course, Luxury Screens could not miss the opportunity to attend!

This event brought together more than a thousand renowned national and international companies from 45 countries to exhibit the latest developments and technologies in the sector. In our constant search to offer cutting-edge and high-quality products to our customers, we participated as visitors to explore and learn first-hand about the trends in the sector.

Our director, Marco Calderón, had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of companies, generate new ideas, learn about new technologies, and obtain experiences that will help us improve and offer new comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of our clients more effectively.

Trends In “Outdoor Living”: Exploring Improved Options For Our Clients

The trend in “outdoor living” focuses on bioclimatic pergolas. This market has experienced significant development, with a growth of 500%. This type of system offers a greater variety of dimensions, better drainage techniques, and slats made of various components and materials.

Its trend, primarily in Europe and the Middle East coastal and rural areas, is gaining momentum, but its nature and duration are unclear. Bioclimatic pergolas have become the ideal complement to provide protection and privacy through motorized systems that offer solar control and insect protection fabrics, all operating with the touch of a button.

Mosquito net systems from Italy, Japan, and Spain presented solutions for large openings in pleated and smooth fabrics. These systems offer exceptional transparency, allowing for more complete views. European blinds have evolved towards a more exotic style, incorporating mobile slats to control lighting and ventilation. All this is managed electronically for greater comfort. We also observed a notable development in large-format awnings and parasols.

R+T 2024 Fair: A Success That Drives The Growth Of Luxury Screens

The R+T 2024 fair was a highly successful event! Without a doubt, this post-pandemic event met expectations. At Luxury Screens, we will consolidate alliances with our prospective suppliers to continue being the relevant brand in Mexico in the different categories of the “outdoor living” concept. In upcoming blogs, we will reveal more details about the news coming to Luxury Screens.

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