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When it comes to cutting-edge products that make life easier for our customers, the SmartScreen Motorized Insect Screen is your ideal option. The push of a button intelligently and automatically controls outdoor spaces whenever you need a barrier against insects, UV rays or more privacy, without completely obstructing your view.

Our clients seek to enjoy quality moments outdoors. How about a barbecue with friends and family, a revitalizing breakfast while taking in the fresh air, a nice cup of coffee while watching the sunset. The possibilities are endless and this motorized mosquito screen adapts to the multifunctionality of each space and environment.

This motorized SmartScreen system is the ideal and comfortable solution that offers automated protection to protect you from annoying mosquitoes and weather changes with the push of a button on your remote control; it can even be operated from a smartphone. Thus, our clients enjoy their outdoor spaces throughout the year, since this wonderful mosquito screen provides thermal comfort in cold weather and is an efficient barrier against rain during those unstable storms.

It fully retracts when not in use. Its casing has a discreet design that harmonizes perfectly with any type of architecture. It has built-in brushes for self-cleaning; it does not make noise or vibrate, therefore, it is silent and efficient every time it slides. It features a side retention system that keeps the mesh in place, meaning you won’t see this functional screen move out of place when it’s windy.

The potential offered by this SmartScreen Motorized Mosquito Screen is great for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, real estate developments and, in general, for those who seek to offer modernity, innovation and a unique design that guarantees comfortable spaces.

It is great for patios, decks, gardens, garages, windows and any outdoor space. This motorized screen really transforms the place where it gets installed: a terrace with SmartScreen can become the favorite place to read or relax, or adapt to the needs of those who live in the property.

We have screens that cover up to 9 meters wide and more than 4 meters high and two automatic solutions: sun/wind sensor and smartphone operation. Its elegant finishes give it style and sophistication. There are different types of screens that you may choose from, depending on the privacy you need.

Luxury Screens is a specialist in the manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art mosquito screen systems. We are a pioneering and leading company motivated to offer our customers innovative products that improve their lifestyle. Each of our mosquito screens is installed by our experts to ensure proper operation.

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