SmartScreen: Motorized Roll-Up Mosquito Net Of Superior Elegance 

Luxury Screens

The SmartScreen motorized roller mosquito net is perfect for large openings up to 9 m wide and 4.8 m high. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor connections, corporate buildings, event spaces, and commercial applications. In the video, you can see the SmartScreen in action after its installation in a corporate environment. The property has a substantial space divided by windows, which makes the SmartScreen roller mosquito net the best option to meet our client’s needs. 

In the video, you will notice that some flying insects would have entered the interior. However, the mesh prevented their entry. Additionally, this mesh is a harmless barrier to flying insects. 

Smartscreen Roller Mosquito Net: Activate It From Your Smartphone! 

The SmartScreen offers an elegant and stylish option for anyone who enjoys natural ventilation. Its mesh reduces the passage of UV rays, prevents the entry of flying insects, and is an excellent option to control the passage of sun and shade. These are some of its most notable features: 

  • With the touch of a button, you can open and close the SmartScreen and adjust it to the desired position. 
  • The mesh remains fixed thanks to its zip screen lateral retention technology. 
  • You can activate the sensor to work automatically according to the sunlight and wind in the environment. In addition, you have the possibility of controlling it from your smartphone. 
  • You don’t have to worry about cleaning it since it has brushes at the top that prevent dust and other particles from accumulating. 

Innovative Solutions That Adapt To Your Style 

At Luxury Screens, we stand out for offering innovative products that provide effective solutions that integrate harmoniously with the architecture of the space. If you want to learn more about our SmartScreen motorized roller mosquito net, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts can install our products all over Mexico. Receive a quote for your project here