Start 2022 with innovative mosquito screens in your buildings

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There are several trends from last year (and from years ago) that will continue in 2022. Among them are the construction of intelligent buildings, sustainable architecture and the search for energy savings. Some other trends still current, are multifunctional spaces, sustainable furniture with style and orchards on rooftops or roof gardens, as well as outdoor recreation spaces. Since the pandemic has not yet subsided, measures that seek air circulation, constant ventilation and the passage of natural light are still being reinforced.

The trend this year will be transferring the comfort and well-being at home to offices and schools. Architecture, technology and interior design will seek to achieve these objectives in projects, above all, to contribute to productivity and stress reduction.

At Luxury Screens we believe it is essential to offer our clients efficient solutions that keep their properties safe and comfortable. This 2022 we will remain at the forefront of innovations that take care of the quality of life of its inhabitants.

We will share with you the roll-up mosquito screens that will make a difference in your architectural projects, since not only do they keep annoying insects out, but they also provide controlled ventilation and maintain thermal comfort indoors:

• RetractaView Roll-up Mosquito Screen: Retractable screen of high quality and durability in its components, with speed reducer and Glide Smooth Technology. It is functional, elegant and versatile, ideal for windows, as well as sliding, French and casement doors. It disappears from sight when not in use and, thanks to its modern, personalized and aesthetic design, it integrates harmoniously into the building.

• VistaView Roll-up Mosquito Screen: It is a stellar, high-end product, made up of a single screen with a mesh of great quality and durability. It is resistant to winds thanks to its innovative Captured Mesh technology that keeps the mesh securely fastened to its frame. It is a versatile and functional system, ideal for large doors and windows. We cover heights of up to 3.35 meters and widths of up to 8.50 meters in central closure. It allows for great outdoor views and for beautiful natural lighting indoors because it doesn’t block sunlight. We provide a solution for special square installations.

• Horizon Roll-up Mosquito Screen: An intelligent solution for these times, when outdoor leisure activities are on demand. Such is the case with terraces, patios and gardens, where controlled ventilation, comfort and social distancing are guaranteed. Horizon is the leader in the new standard for large dimensions, the solution for extended spans and large gates. In its central locking mode it reaches up to 12 meters in length and up to 3.35 meters in height. These dimensions make it a unique solution in the market, due to its cutting-edge engineering and technological development.

• SmartScreen Motorized Mosquito Screen: This screen is an avant-garde product that, with the touch of a button, has the ideal solution in spaces where you need to control insects, sun and privacy. It lets you the control environments, in a comfortable and automated way. It is great for patios, decks, gardens, garages, windows and any outdoor space. It covers up to 9 meters wide and has two automatic solutions: sun/wind sensor and smartphone operation.

Luxury Screens welcomes 2022 with innovations and services that provide well-being, quality and comfort to our customers. Discover what we can do for your spaces.