Style and functionality can coexist in your Roof Garden


Although artistic design may cover all areas of life, perhaps functionality may have a greater impact on the choice of the objects we choose for the spaces we inhabit. However, this relationship is becoming increasingly more balanced with what has been called the aesthetics of everyday life.

A clear way to exemplify this is to highlight the value that covered outdoor spaces have recently acquired. Previously, they served purely functional purposes of laundry or storage. Now they have begun to serve as decorated spaces that serve as settings for meetings and coexistence.

For some years now, we have seen roof gardens proliferate at the top of all kinds of buildings, but in light of the popularity of sustainable living, these spaces are beginning to be reclaimed for the installation of heaters and solar cells, or even small gardens to grow food. The thing is, both purposes don’t have to be opposites – this is where good design enters the game. 

It is true that solar heaters or solutions to minimize home energy consumption do not come in very compact sizes, but on the other hand, rooftop gardens can be constructed in vertical arrangements and be based on a hydroponic system.

In this sense, the versatility that a revolving or motorized pergola can add to your roof represents a great value. With a single button you can change your environment and take advantage of sunlight, or be protected from the rain – particularly during the summer season when weather can be extremely unpredictable. The space can be allocated to project that need to be keep out in the open outdoors.

At Luxury Screens we have multiple options available for you to add personality to your rooftop garden with a fixed, automatic, or rotating pergola in a variety of materials adapted to the architectural style and to your taste.

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