Summer Grill Tips


Nothing says summer more than grilling out in your backyard.  With a garden pergola from Luxury Screens, you can really enjoy your outdoor spaces and summer barbequing while still being protected from the sun and the heat, which means you’ll be cooking outdoors more than ever.  Luxury Screens found some great summer grill tips to make sure every meal is perfect.

  1. Don’t put food on the grill too early.  Give your grill at least 30 minutes to adequately heat up and disperse heat.
  2. Don’t “babysit” your grill.  Put your meat on, close the door and watch your clock, resisting the urge to open the door every few minutes.
  3. Remember to add sauce only at the very end of your grill to avoid burning
  4. Want to avoid flame ups?  Use tongs rather than a fork (which allow juices and fat to drip out, causing flames) and avoid turning meat more than once.
  5. Invest in a meat thermometer to avoid serving undercooked meat, which can be dangerous.

Luxury Screens offers a whole range of additions for your home to allow you to get the most out of summer including PVC pergolas, insect screens, and retractable screens.  Contact us for your free quote today.

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