Summer Home Care Tips


Summer is an excellent time to repair any damage or wear and tear on your home that may have occurred over the past year and to do some summer preventative maintenance to prepare for the year ahead. Luxury Screens offers a checklist of Summer Home Care tips to help protect your home and garden:

• Replace loose shingles or tiles on the roof

• If you suspect leaking, have your roof professionally sealed

• Clean gutters and point downspout away from the house

• Trim any tree limbs or palm fronds that are hanging over or touching the roof

• Inspect ceramic tile countertops; re-seal grout as needed

• Inspect exterior paint

• Inspect plumbing fixtures for signs of leakage

• Inspect shower tiles and re-caulk as needed

• Lubricate door hinges with silicone spray

• Lubricate rollers and guides on garage door and opener

• Flush all yard and patio drains

• Check for ground settlement around foundation and fill where necessary

• Check that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are powered. Batteries should be changed annually.

• Clean any mineral build up on faucets and shower heads

• Prune plants and hedges and add fresh topsoil for healthy plants.

• Change direction ceiling fan rotation so air is blowing down during the warm summer months

• Adjust sprinkler settings for new season

And, of course, additions like insect screens, sun filtration screens and garden pergolas can greatly add to your enjoyment of your home during the summer months. Contact us for details on these and other products to make your space more comfortable.

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