The Advantages of Retractable Screens

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Retractable screens are one of the smartest investments that a savvy home or business owner can add to their existing space. See how adding a retractable screen will benefit you.

1. Versatility
Retractable screens disappear from sight when not in use, creating the perfect balance of function and esthetic.

2. Insect Protection
With vector-borne illnesses on the rise, installing screen doors and mosquito screens is one of the best ways to protect your family. For businesses, keep your store or restaurant clean and free of pests for happy, comfortable customers.

3. Natural Cooling
Retractable screens help keep your home or business cooler, allowing you to save on energy costs.

4. Sun Protection
Help protect your skin and your furniture and upholstery from damage from the sun with retractable screens fitted with solar filtration fabrics.

The retractable screen offer all of these benefits plus the added protection of their patented slow close, speed reducer. They are available in a variety of screen fabrics and paint finishes, are professional installed and come with fully enclosed casings. Contact us for more details about adding retractable screens to your space and making an investment on the enjoyment of your home or business.

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