The BIGGEST Mosquito Net in Mexico. Even bigger!

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Luxury Screens always committed to presenting the most recent launches and innovations on the Mexican market. For Luxury Screens is proud to share that from now on it has within its catalog of roller screens for large windows and large openings, the most innovative product on the market: VistaView Horizon.

For quite some time, we have had in our VistaView catalog what we have promoted as THE LARGEST nets in Mexico covering up to 8.99 meters in its double configuration. Now with VistaView Horizon, we can help you protect large windows and doors, and even spaces without walls of up to 12.19 meters at a height of 2.74 meters also in double configuration. All this with the benefits of durability and resistance that you already know.

An alternative variant of Vista View Horizon, allows its installation in heights of up to 3.35 meters, covering openings up to 5.18 meters wide in double configuration.

In a few words: The BIGGEST mosquito net in Mexico, is now even bigger!

VistaView Horizon also offers a much more discreet look, when not in use it is able to integrate itself into your decoration thanks to its profile of only half an inch that has no fasteners in sight, plus a rotating handle that accentuates its lightness in your environments.

The functionality of VistaView Horizon is evident in its braking system with unlimited points that allows it to be fixed at any point of the trajectory, as well as the high quality and its resistance to the elements that make you feel truly protected while you refresh your home in a natural way, avoiding the entry of insects and reducing the effects of UV rays and the entry of particles.

Come to Luxury Screens to learn more about VistaView Horizon and the entire range of roller and pleated screen solutions and architectural supplies that we have put at your disposal to make your home a more functional and versatile place. Our team of professionals will be able to advise you to find the solution that best suits your needs and we have the capacity to install throughout Mexico. Learn more.