The impact of ventilation in times of quarantine

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In these times of quarantine, in which we are staying locked up in our homes most of the time, keeping our spaces ventilated is of crucial importance. Not only in times of Covid-19 is it necessary for air to circulate and get recycled. The ventilation of homes, businesses, hotels, and recreational facilities prevents air getting trapped in environments which could cause respiratory diseases.

Even when quarantine is over, it will be essential to ensure adequate ventilation in homes and/or businesses since, according to numerous recent studies, it is more likely that in poorly ventilated places coronavirus will remain longer suspended in the air.

Although a number of studies are still being carried out to understand the phenomenon, there are some aspects that have already been grounded.

There are two types of drops that people give off when they breathe, speak, cough, or sneeze:

  • The largest ones fall to the ground – or to nearby surfaces – and evaporate, which is when contamination occurs on these surfaces.
  • The smaller droplets form aerosols and can remain in the air for hours.

Therefore, the ventilation of spaces has a significant impact on the quality of the air, as well as limiting concentrations of people in closed places and the monitoring of relevant hygiene measures.

Perhaps it is thought that, by naturally ventilating the spaces, other types of particles, insects or cold air currents are created. The Passiv Haus concept (Passive House) keeps the spaces ventilated, free of mosquitoes and dust, as well as a suitable term comfort.

At Luxury Screens we have more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture and provision of roll-up mosquito screens with high quality standards that ensure the comfort and ventilation of your home or business.

Our high-end mosquito screens and elegant design are compatible with Passive House technology, which transforms and protects your spaces, as they are easily adaptable with any architectural style. We have different solutions such as our large mosquito screens, ideal for those large spaces.

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