The importance of natural ventilation in your spaces

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The natural ventilation of your spaces is good for your health. Air is recycled, you get natural light and efficient air conditioning is promoted. Actually, getting your home or business ventilated could be simple: turn on the fan or just open the windows and voila! However it is not always so. There are minuscule threats that can spoil your moments, such as insects, dust, cold drafts, the consumption of additional energy to achieve ventilation, as well as the consequences that all of the above entails.

Below, we share some aspects about the importance of natural ventilation in your spaces:

  • You promote the elimination of concentrated air in interiors and the feeling of closed environments.
  • You purify the environment and thanks to air currents, you eliminate odors, particles generated by paraffins, furniture varnishes, chemicals from cleaning products, among others.
  • It promotes the disappearance of microorganisms such as fungi on carpets, humidity on walls or bookcases, and mites in rooms that you are possibly breathing.
  • By generating cross ventilation, that is, opening the windows of corridors and / or opposite facades, you recycle, refresh and acclimatize naturally.

Do you want more benefits?

  • Adequate natural ventilation helps you concentrate, as it helps oxygenation of the brain.
  • Natural light that floods your spaces helps circadian rhythms, causing a more comfortable and happy stay in your spaces.
  • It helps vision, increases focus, and reduces distraction.
  • You reduce the thermal stress of the environment.

How to prevent these tiny threats from entering your spaces with natural ventilation? With our high-end mosquito screens, you ventilate, protect and promote energy efficiency, while maintaining a comfortable and safe environment.

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