The Mosquito Screen Your Restaurant Needs!

Luxury Screens

Luxury Screens is the ally that your restaurant needs to provide customers and patrons with a space of comfort, protection, and sophistication.

We understand that protection against external elements is essential to ensure a pleasant experience both inside and outside relaxation spaces. Every restaurant should have the best technology that complements its architecture, promoting the safety and well-being of people.

The SmartScreen Mosquito Net features a high-performance motorized system with side retention that secures the mesh in the tracks and retracts swiftly when needed, thanks to its automatic solutions: sun/wind sensor or operation from a smartphone.

You can install it in various spaces: patios, terraces, gardens, garages, windows, and other areas of your restaurant, as its discreet design blends seamlessly with any structure and architectural style.

Its most valued advantages include: 

  • Privacy capability 
  • Prevention of water passage 
  • Control of insect entry 
  • Protection of customers against UV rays
  •  Impress with a unique style thanks to the SmartScreen Mosquito Net

The design of the SmartScreen Mosquito Net is truly remarkable as it harmonizes perfectly with the architecture of any restaurant or business. 

It makes no sound during retraction, and its style is 100% elegant.

You can choose from 4 classic colors that complement various color schemes: Black, White, Beige, or Bronze. Moreover, it covers up to 9.6 meters in length and 4.8 meters in height, accommodating a wide range of parameters.

Explore more features of this intelligent product for your spaces: The screen is integrated and embedded into the structure of the space. It has side retention that keeps the mesh fixed in the tracks. It features integrated brushes for self-cleaning. It has a maximum adjustment that eliminates screen vibrations. For added convenience, it includes various remote control options. Equipped with highly durable Somfy Motors. Embrace modernity with the Motorized SmartScreen Mosquito Net and ensure elegant and inviting environments for your restaurant’s customers!

With just the touch of a button, you’ll have the ideal solution in your business spaces where control over insects, sunlight, and privacy is required.

We want to reach your restaurant to provide you with the best advice and top-notch products to enhance your business while safeguarding your spaces and surroundings.

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