Tips for Choosing Pergolas

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If you want your garden to have an atmosphere of safety and tranquility, installing a pergola is an ideal option. In addition to saving money, a pergola serves to protect against high temperatures and sunburn. Luxury Screens provides some tips on choosing the right pergola for your garden or terrace.

• Fixed or Mobile Pergola
If the garden or terrace is large, it is best to opt for a fixed pergola because it serves to protect and preserve your property. However, if you have a small space, a mobile and removable pergola is ideal because they are easy to assemble.

• Material
For example PVC Pergolas require less maintenance than wooden pergolas, and has a great decorative look, are durable and easy to clean.

• Water Evacuation System
A basic decision is to choose a pergola with a water disposal system which through different designs and engineering will drain water from your structure. Failure to have a water drainage system will result in your pergola accumulating rainwater and possibly flooding.

• Stability
The anchoring system for the assembly of the pergola should be very durable and strong, this will provide stability and security to your structure.

We hope these tips have been helpful when choosing the right pergola for your garden or terrace. If you have any questions, please contact us or visit our product catalog.

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