Tips to customize your Pergola

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A pergola adds value to your property. In your business they are a very attractive component for your clients, as they provide style and functionality. They are versatile architectural elements that give personality to your spaces.

Here are some tips to customize your pergola:

  • Add a tempered glass ceiling to it. This will provide protection and will not cover the view.
  • If plants and flowers are your thing, add climbing plants. There is a wide range that will undoubtedly make your pergola a focal point. Here are some very beautiful ones:
    • The Trumpet is a climbing plant with deciduous foliage with large and showy orange trumpet-shaped flowers.
    • The Handerbergia is native to Australia. It grows fast and its foliage is persistent and is filled with clusters of very showy violet flowers. They will certainly brighten up your exteriors.
    • The Honeysuckle. Native to Asia, it provides white flowers that perfume the environment.
    • The showy Campanilla is of Mexican and Central American origin. This plant produces beautiful blue, purple or white flowers. They give a lot of light and joy to the outdoors.
  • If you are going to have an event at night, hang chandeliers. They will illuminate and give a romantic touch to your spaces. Just be careful to hang them strategically, in case you decided to also add plants to your Pergola.
  • Spring is coming and decorating your Pergola with colored fabrics is a very good option. You can opt for fresh or white fabrics. This season different shades of green are trending. You can combine white fabrics with a celery green, it will look great!

At Luxury Screens we have high-end decorative pergolas, made with high quality materials. They are elegant, aesthetic and adapt to any space or architectural design.

We install them in accordance with the highest quality standards, by our team of specialist architects.

Get a quote for your pergola and give your spaces personality and functionality!