Top Trends in Pergola Design

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A gorgeous gazebo or custom-made pergola is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. Ideally, the style and form of your pergola should complement not only the architecture of your home, but also your lifestyle. For example, a PVC pergola will require much less maintenance than other materials like wood, which will require annual treatment.

Currently there are some popular pergola design trends that have been making an impression on outdoor spaces for both homes and businesses:

• Rustic Chic
Wood and stone designed pergolas, often covering a seating area with an outdoor fireplace to create a cozy, rustic retreat.

• Contemporary Cool
Perfectly modern, totally minimal. Let your landscaping take center stage as you enjoy a shaded, contemporary retreat.

• Moorish Style
A curved roof and Moorish style arches create a Spanish-inspired look that is timeless and elegant.

• Classic Americana
A white classic pergola adds a beautiful look to any backyard in a style that will withstand the test of time.

Whatever your style preferences, the addition of a gazebo or pergola to your home or business guarantees that you will maximize the enjoyment and use of your outdoor spaces.

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