Transform your outdoor spaces with a beautiful pergola

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If it is about transforming your outdoor spaces and making them multifunctional, a pergola is the ideal architectural element, the centerpiece that will enhance the aesthetic value of any place that will surely become the center of attention of your home or business.

  • A pergola is a structure supported by pillars, composed of beams arranged in a reticular manner.
  • It is highly versatile, provide shade, and some are compatible with tempered glass, polycarbonate or glass roofs for added protection.
  • Adapt it to various styles of terrace decoration.
  • Climbing plants, chandeliers, fabrics or curtains are beautiful resources that add style to the decoration and image of the space.
  • It is made of different materials, such as bricks, wood, bamboo, metal and have now evolved to PVC.
  • PVC pergolas prevent moisture, cracking, oxidation or deformation caused by the weather. They are easy to install and have a long life. Its maintenance is very simple and inexpensive.
  • PVC pergolas do not require touch-up of paint or application of lacquers. They are resistant to abrasion, chemical agents and have self-extinguishing properties. Also, they are excellent thermal, electrical and acoustic insulators.

At Luxury Screens we not only have PVC pergolas, but we also have at your disposal rotating pergolas or motorized pergolas. The latter ones are the leaders in cutting-edge bioclimatic technology that, with the push of a button will make the most of your outdoor moments without the change in weather interfering. Thanks to its components that rotate and turn the pergola into an innovative waterproof roof, it is capable of capturing rainwater and draining it through its modern drainage system.

Get in touch and receive specialized advice to make the leap in your architectural or interior and exterior decoration projects. Discover the functionality, style and versatility that a garden or patio pergola will provide. Choose one of our modern luxury pergolas and be amazed at the transformation your projects will undergo. Contact us!