Transform Your Projection Windows With Roll-Up Mosquito Nets 

Luxury Screens

Roller mosquito nets are practical and functional for different types of windows, such as projection or folding windows. This type of window is commonly used in spaces where the opening to the outside is limited or in areas where the aim is to maximize the entry of light and ventilation, for example, bathrooms, kitchens, small spaces, storage areas, or rooms with restricted views. 

Roll-up mosquito nets are functional even though the windows are usually small, allowing fresh air to enter and act as an effective barrier against insects. In the video below, watch how the mosquito net slides from top to bottom easily and practically

Tell Us About Your Project! 

One of our clients with windows of this type requested a roll-up mosquito net that opens laterally. As seen in the image, the mechanical parts of the mosquito met their function but also gave it an aesthetic and pleasant appearance. 

You can choose between foliated or electrostatic paint finishes with colors such as white, ivory, walnut, silver, ceylon, black, jet black, golden oak, anthracite gray, swamp oak, and others available upon request. Let us know what your needs are to give you the best solution for your windows! 

Give A Twist To Your Space! Discover Roll-Up Mosquito Nets Throughout Mexico 

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