Vector Borne Illnesses Putting North America at Risk

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Over 1 million people around the world die every year from vector borne illnesses. Here are just some of the vector borne diseases found in North America as listed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

• West Nile Virus

• Dengue

• Yellow Fever

• Lyme Disease

• Malaria

• Chickungunya

• Chagas' Disease

• Cyclospora

• Monkeypox

• Leishmaniasis

Modern transportation has meant that vector borne illnesses that were once limited to particular geographic locations now have the ability to spread across the globe, including to North American. In a recent report published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information on vector-borne diseases, it was noted that “five species of exotic mosquitoes have been introduced and have become established in the USA in the past 25 years. There is reason to believe that, sooner or later, one or more known or unknown pathogens will cause devastating epidemic disease.”

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