Why PVC for Pergolas

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Throughout history, man has been concerned with not only how build different types of buildings, but also how those buildings should look.  For centuries, pergolas have been an interesting architectural element for outdoor spaces and their versatility in size and style allows for endless opportunities in design and utility.

Currently, pergolas are used both in homes and in public spaces. The design of a pergola depends a lot on where it will be placed. For example, garden gazebos of a home can become a comfortable outdoor room that offers protection on both in rainy days and sunny ones.

It is important to take into account the materials with which your pergola is built.  Luxury Screens offers pergolas made of PVC and faux wooden coating (among others) that will give your pergola a luxurious finish and ensure easy maintenance and durability for a long time.

PVC, contrary to what many people think, is a very resistant material, able to withstand the weather and climate, characteristics that are extremely important when it comes to building outdoors.  In addition, it is a fire resistant material which is important when considering the security of your home.

In construction, it is an extremely popular material due to its adaptability. PVC can be molded without requiring a comprehensive and expensive process and once it has taken shape, it remains that way over its lifespan.  And that lifespan can cover several decades and requires very little maintenance. 

When it comes to safety and health, there have been some concerns about different types of PVC but Luxury Screens use lead-free and pollutant-free PVC making our products completely safe. Furthermore, PVC is a sustainable product, not contributing to deforestation and the use of wood.

These are just some of the features that have made the PVC in a safe, comfortable and durable construction material for pergolas and why Luxury Screens uses it to create long-lasting products of the highest quality and luxury.

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