Why Won’t That Mosquito Leave You Alone? 

Luxury Screens

We have all been the victim of an annoying mosquito causing sleepless nights and annoying bites, and apparently you happen to be the only person in the world it cares about. Is it possible that your worst enemy has figured out a way to finally get rid of you? You have to admit, these little things are tiny but anyone can attest to the way can cause suffering, discomfort, and even disease. 

Agreed, the idea of a mosquito attacking you like some sort of hitman sounds like a fable, but why you become its favorite target is something that scientists are working to discover.  

According to a recent study from the Polytechnic Institute and the Virginia State University, known as Virginia Tech, mosquitoes are able to recognize the smell of their victim. As if that wasn’t enough, they can also associate people's odors with the danger they have suffered, derived from the slaps and persecutions, which are aimed at discouraging them of coming back.

Everyone should agree that it is convenient to get rid of the nights of insomnia, days of itching and possible effects on health; without a doubt, a great option is a multifunctional solution like the installation of mosquito nets in your home.

Particularly roller screens, besides avoiding the entrance of insects in your home, provide a versatile and resistant solution. For example, the ones at luxury screens that adapt to options that do not affect visibility, are resistant to high winds and have a capture system that reduce the entry of dust and particles, and are available for all types of windows and doors including of large dimension.

Learn more about our solutions like roller screens, pleats, and for large dimension solutions. As well as other additions that can be installed by our team of professionals. The tranquility of your home and the health of your family are worth it.