Get to know the specialized mosquito screen in large dimensions: Horizon

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The avant-garde architectural solution that guarantees protected environments and the circulation of fresh air is the large-sized Horizon Mosquito Screen.

Currently, there is a trend that is expected to be long-lasting: spaces that guarantee controlled ventilation, comfort and that allow social distancing. The solutions proposed by the different industries must solve each challenge in a comprehensive, innovative, sustainable and adaptable way to different situations.

An avant-garde architectural solution that guarantees protected outdoor environments and fresh air circulation is the Horizon Mosquito Screen, the leader in the new standard for large dimensions! This roll-up mosquito screen is special for extended gaps, it is ideal on terraces, since it allows you to enjoy every moment to the fullest in your outdoor spaces.

Horizon is the unique solution for large windows and gates. Its main attributes are:

  • Does not obstruct the view.
  • Avoids the entry of annoying bugs.
  • Provides energy savings and reduces UV rays, thanks to its solar control technology.
  • You can enjoy the air circulation, while keeping the environment protected.

This great screen moves from side to side and has an automatic brake system that allows it to stop at any point on its track. The railing system is low for more comfort, and is wheelchair friendly.

When it is closed by the middle, it reaches up to 12 meters in length and up to 3.35 meters in height, dimensions that make it a unique solution in the market due to its state-of-the-art engineering and technological development.

For added durability the mesh is thermofused and slides on the rail, which keeps it tight to prevent breakage. Its Track Secure zipper resists winds of up to 140 km / h and, when not required, Horizon is capable of fully retracting to the side.

This large-sized mosquito screen can be implemented in multi-leaf sliding doors, folding doors, lifting doors and minimalist lines, stacked doors, square opening doors, among others.

Horizon maintains indoor temperature while ensuring controlled ventilation. It adds value to the property, enables spaces and increases their functionality with luxury, style and innovation. Its materials are long-lasting and its fine finishes provide a unique appearance that transforms every environment and space.

Luxury Screens is a pioneering company, a leader in the manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art mosquito screen systems. The solutions we offer you are designed so that the users of each property live protected, and comfortable. Each of our mosquito screens is installed by our expert professionals to ensure their excellent performance. We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and we constantly evolve to provide the best products and services. Learn more about our wide range of roll-up mosquito screens HERE.