Stylish Doors and Windows, Give Them A Chic Touch In 2024! 

Luxury Screens

Start 2024 by giving your doors and windows a chic touch with the elegance of the Luxury Screens roll-up mosquito nets without modifying their structure! Here are some of the benefits that make installing our mosquito nets the right decision: 

Chic Style 

Transform your doors and windows without having to modify their structure. Roll-up mosquito nets add a chic touch that you are looking for without complications. We offer installation services for roll-up mosquito nets specifically designed for large doors and windows. They are ideal for houses with a garden or windows with panoramic views and enhance the architectural style of your home, and you make the most of them. 

Unobstructed Ventilation 

Do you like to keep doors and windows open? This year, you can enjoy the fresh air with our roll-up mosquito nets, ideal for: 

Projection windows  Sliding doors 
Sliding windows  Standard doors  
Exterior opening windows Standard French doors 
 Large standard doors  

Easy To Open And Close 

Opening and closing our roll-up mosquito nets is easy! They have a mechanism that gently collects the mosquito netting, thanks to a brake device that prevents sudden bumps. The best part is that you can enjoy these benefits in window and door applications. 

Freedom Without Bites 

Open your doors and windows without worrying about insects. There are regions in Mexico where mosquitoes are more abundant, especially in the rainy season. However, Luxury Screen roll-up mosquito nets are the ideal protection to prevent flying insects such as bees, flies, and mosquitoes, among others, from entering. In the case of mosquitoes, it is essential to keep them out of the house to avoid diseases such as chikungunya, dengue, and zika. 

Quality And Durability 

By choosing Luxury Screens roll-up mosquito nets, you take advantage of their features and invest in a high-quality, durable product.  

The mosquito net fabric is fiberglass, which provides impact resistance. In case of an accident or damage, it can be easily replaced. In addition, it has a solar filter, which is resistant to different weather conditions and does not degrade with sun exposure. 

Happy New Year! Renew Doors And Windows With Elegance 

Luxury Screens wishes you a happy New Year! We are grateful to all those who trusted our quality products and professional team this year. Upgrade your doors and windows for the new year with our roll-up mosquito nets. Make each space breathe elegance and functionality with the distinction that only Luxury Screens can offer you! 

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