What is better? A door with a mosquito net or roll-up mosquito nets? 

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You will be amazed to discover all the benefits of our roll-up mosquito nets for doors! Luxury Screens stand out in quality and performance compared to a traditional screen door. Because? Here are the reasons. 

Variety Of Doors And Sizes Available 

Doors with metal mosquito netting have a maximum width that ranges between 1.52 – 1.82 meters, which can be limiting for doors with extensive openings. Luxury Screens roll-up door mosquito nets adapt to different door types and sizes. Door styles include sliding, standard entry, standard French, and standard oversize. Available sizes are: 

  • Individual side mosquito net:- Up to 1.70 meters wide by 3.05 meters high. 
  • Double-central closure mosquito net:- Up to 3.40 meters by 3.05 meters. 
  • Minimum mosquito net size:- Up to 50 cm wide by 50 cm. 

Elegance, Quality, And Architectural Compatibility 

It is sometimes challenging to find mosquito nets that blend harmoniously with the architectural style and design of your home. Low-quality materials or a limited variety of colors can often deter people from installing a screen door. 

The good news is that Luxury Screens make a difference! Our roll-up mosquito nets for doors integrate seamlessly with any architectural style, thanks to our high-quality finishes. In addition, we offer a wide range of colors, including options such as white, ivory, walnut, silver, ceylon, black, jet black, golden oak, anthracite gray, swamp oak, and other colors upon request. Roll-up mosquito nets add elegance and sophistication to any space with their many finishes and colorings. 

Fiberglass Mesh: Strength And Durability 

Doors with traditional screen mesh usually use metal mesh, which, although resistant, has the disadvantage of being easily deformed if it receives a blow and remaining that way permanently. On the other hand, at Luxury Screens, we use mosquito net fabric made with fiberglass, which provides exceptional resistance to absorb impacts from objects, people, or pets. 

It has a solar filter, is very resistant to climatic conditions and the elements, does not degrade with exposure to the sun, and is easy to clean. Our mesh provides an unobstructed view and is easy to replace if any issues arise. 

Ventilation And Natural Light 

A simple way to take care of the planet is to install mosquito nets at home, as they allow natural light to enter and keep the home cool. Luxury Screens Roller Screen Doors offer an effective solution to keep your house cool, free of flying insects, ventilation, and natural light. Although screen doors provide the same benefit, they are often limited to standard-sized doors. For example, modern homes with large windows. Or when trying to harmonize with the architectural style of the home. 

Professional Service Throughout The Mexican Republic 

Knowing why our mosquito nets stand out in quality and design, the next step is to contact us for more information. We have a team of professionals ready to carry out the installation. Our services are available throughout Mexico, so no matter where in the Republic you are, we are here to serve you. 

To quote your project, contact us at support@luxuryscreens.com or call today at – (55) 6719 9048.