Two Custom Installations Of Mosquito Nets For Large Doors

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Today, we want to show you two installations of mosquito nets for large doors that we carried out in two properties with different characteristics. Both needed a customized solution to meet their specific needs. 

Horizon: Connecting Indoor And Outdoor Space 

In the first video, you can see a wide door leading to an outdoor area of the property. Sliding doors with transparent windows offer multiple advantages, such as creating a sense of openness, allowing natural light in, and connecting the indoor space with the outdoors. 

Furthermore, their elegant and minimalist design makes them a decorative element that adds a modern touch to any room. However, they are not used to their full potential when closed. 

To fix this, we installed Horizon. Its design is elegant and imposing, with a large size that reaches more than 12 meters long by 3.35 meters high. Thanks to this large mosquito net, our client can enjoy an impressive panoramic view, flood their spaces with natural light, and enjoy the fresh air outside. 

VistaView: Installation In A Lovely Home 

The second installation was in a house with a very cozy atmosphere. For this type of large door, installing traditional curtains can present drawbacks. By keeping the door open, the curtains block the view and limit the entry of natural light, preventing you from taking full advantage of the spaciousness of the space. Additionally, our client was looking for an option that does not allow flying insects to enter. 

VistaView was the best choice! It is perfect for wide doors thanks to its double system that reaches up to 8.5 meters long by 3.35 m high. In the video, you can see how VistaView adds an elegant touch and highlights the beauty of the space. Additionally, residents can open the door without worrying about bugs, allowing natural ventilation without disturbance. When we install mosquito nets for large doors, we make sure they match the décor of the space, offering a variety of finishes so they blend in well. 

Leaders In Mosquito Nets For Large Doors 

Horizon and VistaView are excellent screen options for mosquito nets for large doors, exclusive to Luxury Screens throughout Mexico. As leaders in offering high-quality products for doors and windows, with more than 15 years of experience, we stand out for our installations carried out by experts in the field. You can trust that we have the ideal product for your needs. Let us help you keep your home bug-free and fresh! 

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